Caitlin Kilpatrick

👋 Hi, I'm Caitlin (she/her). I recently graduated with Merit from MSc Media, Communications and International Journalism at the University of Glasgow with a focus on public relations and content creation. I also graduated with a 1:1 in International Relations from the University of St Andrews in 2021. I am looking to begin my career in journalism.

I like to write about everything from current affairs to entertainment. I'm also a big reader and so love to review books/make very specific recommendations lists. I'm keen on empowering working class, queer female stories and seeing myself reflected in media.

Who is Giorgia Meloni? The Far-Right Campaigner who just became Italy's first female PM

As Meloni’s Brothers of Italy party triumph in elections, many view the first female Prime Minister’s populist rise as disappointing, but not surprising. Who is Italy’s new PM? Giorgia Meloni is nothing if not a career politician. She began her campaign in the youth branch of the Italian Social Movement or National Alliance, a group of far-right adolescents who still carry relics of Mussolini-era politics such as the slogan “God, Family, Homeland”. In 2012 she cofounded the Brothers of Italy P

What makes a muse?

Every so often we are met with a quote so perplexing it immediately enters pop culture history. While most of us know Julia Fox from her whirlwind romance with Kanye West post-divorce, she recently reminded us all that she was, in fact, “Josh Safdie’s muse when he wrote uncut gems”. Or as Fox infamously pronounced it “Uncuht Jams”. The pronunciation has circled the internet with over 4.5m views on TikTok. When thinking of the muse, admittedly, the musician comes to mind before anything else. Fo

Glasgow Film Festival 2022: Benedetta

The synopsis promised violence, sex, and religious hypocrisy. The Daily Mail called it a “sexy lesbian nun flick”. In its first week of release, it garnered an 85% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I am, of course, talking about Paul Verhoeven’s newest release Benedetta. This psychological horror biopic centres around the 17th century nun who purportedly protected the city of Pescia from the plague and has been a highly anticipated fixture of the Glasgow Film Festival 2022. Benedetta is an excellent e

Synthetic Content: The Rise of Virtual Clothing

Caitlin Kilpatrick explores whether digital fashion promises to revolutionise the industry or become this season's forgettable trend At first glance, ‘’ looks like a futuristic, designer shopping experience a la Opening Ceremony or Vestiaire Collective. However, on closer inspection, you realise that the garments sold and displayed on their Instagram are all fully digital. Their CEO’s? Named amongst Forbes 30Under30 and described as “the future of fashion”. Inspired by the gaming indu

Statement of Intent: The Fashion of the 2021 Inauguration

Caitlin Kilpatrick delves into the aesthetics of politics with this analysis of inauguration day outfits. Fashion is a mirror for society and struggle, it echoes culture. It also demonstrates emotions that cannot be spoken into collections that are then photographed and digested by the masses. The clothes that were worn at January’s inauguration mirrored the enriched, multicultural vision of how Americans dress and more importantly, live, today. The question of whether fashion is political in